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Panasonic TX32-LXD69A / Direct TVs help appreciated.



Hi, I am finally thinking of getting an LCD TV as my Panasonic CRT (so old it has a wooden case) is on it's last legs.
I'm leaning towards another Panasonic as I've always found them to be well built, good quality and long lasting.
Anyway I was thinking of either the TX32LMD70 or the TX32LXD70, but now have seen another model called the TX32LXD69A. This is available for around the same price as the LMD at £510 delivered from Direct TVs.
Can anyone tell me anything about this model and where it fits into the range? Is it likely to be better value than the other models? Is it an older model or a newer one? An import or something? Basically would you buy it?
I'm finding that even the info on the Panasonic website is contradictory (in the Panasonic online shop info it says 2 x hdmi, in the online manual only 1)
Also I don't know much about the retailer "Direct TVs" and have read mixed reports on them too. Can anyone here offer any positive/negative feedback on them at all?
Finally if anyone has any recommendations as to what TV is the best to spend £400-£600 on a 32 inch LCD (LMD70, LXD70 or another brand) with nothing more fancy than a good picture, good sound and good build quality required I'd be most interested.
Apologies if this thread is a duplicate but I've tried searching for this model and didn't get anywhere.


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From what I have found on the web on a couple of sites


It states this is just a new number for the TX32-LXD7, hope that helps. I don't know if it is the same panel (picture quality) you would find on the 70 and 700. I know its previous number indicates poorer sound compared to the 700. It also only has one HDMI.

I have not read any reviews of the LXD7 to offer any advice.

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