Panasonic TX28PS5 Sound Problems

John Luc

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I have experienced sound problems when playing DVD's using the digital input to the TV. If you setup the speaker distances in the menu so that the rear speakers are closer than the front speakers, then stop or pause a DVD, a constant 'buzzing' can be heard from the rear speakers. This doesn't sound like an interference 'Buzz' but rather an actual sound. If speakers are setup to be the same distance this sound doesn't occur. I am using a Pioneer DVD with coax digital output.

I also experience alot of interference 'Buzzing' through all speakers when watching terestrial or digital tv.
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john luc

Ian J

I don't believe that the buzzing from the speakers can have anything to do with the speaker distance settings so assume that it must be a co-incidence.

Your second problem may be easier to solve. If you are using a cheap n cheerful scart lead for the connection between the Freeview box and the TV try upgrading that to something a little better with fully screened leads, as it could be interference from a poor scart lead causing the problem.


I have the tx32ps5, there is buzzing when pausing, skipping chapter, fast forward or rewind. Tryed different dvd players with the same effect, seems to be inherent in these sets. Although, i've never had any buzzing on sky digital or terrestrial signals.

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