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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by thespian, Nov 26, 2003.

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    I did have (until last week) a JVC28R25 - which did give a seemingly great, full sound with the added subwoofer. However, whist waiting for a replacement which had no screen tilt (6mm difference between left and right), the picture had become less impressive to my eye - soft and lacking a certain trueness. The RGB issue that other have mentioned is also there to see - I watched part of a western through Sky and the dark areas were pretty much black. A similar test is LOTR, which can be a problem with dark scenes. So, just my luck that when the replacement set arrived, the geometry was seriously messed up so I was lucky enough to get a quick refund from the obliging retailer and begin the process of finding a new tv all over again. I didn't search for long....

    The PS5 was delivered and setup by HPrestons ( and it is seriously impressive. The picture is wonderful - rich, colourful, contrasty and vibrant in a true to life sense. The sound on the set is pretty great too - it has a little built-in sub to deliver some controlled "welly" when needed. The real bonus has been the 5.1 digital input - just plugged the DVD player into it, connected the supplied centre and rear speakers and let the TV's on-board processor deal with the result - in one word, brilliant. Believe me, there is a real difference listening throught the digital connection and then switching back to the "Pro-Logic" mix - the clarity is far suprior (even to a totally untrained ear).

    The only slight addition necessary is for a small subwoofer to be connected directly to the DVD player as the TV doesn't seem to be able to direct the .1 channel to it's own sub (which probably isn't a real sub in the truest sense). I tried this last night and low and behold, the experience was hightened again with rich rumblings and controlled LF punches. It really does emphasise that the subwoofer in the JVC 28R25 (imo, the selling feature) is really nothing more than a glorified bass booster, with little to no control over the bass in the mix and offering no subtlety.

    So, there you have it folks - my experiences, a glowing review and a retailer recommendation. Just please don't ask me if I notice this flaw. that flaw or the slight tizzing between pink and green! As far as I am concerned, the TV is the biz.

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