Panasonic TX28PL10c calibration




I've got a PL10c and am not happy with the way the screen is calibrated. If there's a straight horizontal line displayed towards the top of the screen it curves upwards at the top right corner. Annoying on PS2 games and TV channels such as Sky Sports news where half the display is text type stuff.

I tried to get into the service menu to see if I could fathom this out myself... followed all the instructions: -
set bass to max, treble to min, hold down 'index' on the remote and press channel down on the front panel
...but it didn't work??? Just did nothing... And to be honest, I probably wouldn't know what the menu items meant in there anyway because I presume they're in code rather than friendly stuff like on computer monitors that you're meant to be able to change as a user?

Some time ago the screen went screwy (the red gun decided to stop working and everything went very green tinted) and it was fixed by an engineer who gave it a thorough degauss. It's been fine since, apart from this, though I think this may have been apparent before this.

Could I have the TV calibrated - would this be a good idea to get it sharpened up?

Any advice appreciated.


Usually there is no way to adjust bending of horizontals; these are fixed by the design of the deflection yoke. Bending at the top left or right seems to be quite common these days and is probably due to the use of cheaper components in the manufacture of the c.r.t. / d.y. assembly

If the set was new, I'd suggest asking for a replacement, although the error that you see is most likely going to be the same for all samples. :(
thanks for getting back to me. much appreciated.

i've also, since, noticed that the text on a channel like SS News is also a bit blurred.

would there be any benefit in getting an engineer to run through it with some test patterns, etc?

thanks again for your help.


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