Panasonic TX28PL1; display won't vanish



Hi all. I connected my Playstation 2 to the AV3 composite socket on the front of my TV today. When I removed the AV cable and went back to watching the TV, a couple of problems had arisen. When I turn on my VCR, it says 'EC2S' under the channel number and the picture appears in black and white. Manually switching the TV to AV2 solves this, but obviously only papers over the fault. Also, the channel or AV number that the TV is on now stays in the top left corner of the screen indefinitely, instead of vanishing like it normally does.

I've been told there is a way of fixing this through the menus, but I can't find anything. And more to the point, why is this even happening in the first place? No other TV has given me this problem.

Thanks in advance, :thumbsup:


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Usually there's a button on the remote that has a small "i" on it (my Panasonic plasma one does, on other brands it can be printed next to or above the button). This is the information button that will display the channel that you are viewing in the top corner of your set. A press of this button should make the channel number display disappear.


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