Panasonic TX28DTX11 - Availability?


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Hi, Looking to buy this set after seeing it in comet on display but they no longer have it in stock or intend to re-stock it! John Lewis are out of stock also, aswell as the online store empire direct! Is this TV discontinued?

On a technical side note.... I noticed the contrast on a panny 50Hz screen seemed brighter with average picture settings than this 100Hz screen on full contrast and brightness, is this a digital processing trait? They both showed a snowboarding clip and the snow looked whiter on the 50Hz. Not too much of a problem as the 100Hz quality makes up for it. Is it bad for a TV to be on full settings?


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A quick peruse the down the telephone wires bought this company up with a good price Panny TV


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Thanks for looking that up, I know thats a good price given on that link, but i'd be happier buying from a multi-chain company or from a local independent retail outlet listed on the panasonic website, just for an easier aftersales service if things break, which from reading these forums happens alot!!!
I'll keep checking with JL in the meantime.
I've also phoned a few companies and panasonic shops and one sales assistant said Panasonic are just about finished with CRT's and the lack of them is suppose to push customers to their LCD's/Plasma.



Check out the post titled Panasonic DTX11 Questions started by Glenn
before buying


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I just read your reply in that post. What TV have you settled for now? Is the switching off problem caused by Quick-link to a non-panasonic recording device?

When looking at the TV's side by side in Comet the 100Hz DTX11 does stand out as better, are there any other recommendations?


I called Panasonic and asked them about Qlink and SmartLink compatability
they said that wouldn't cause the set to switch it self off then on again,
they said it was a definite fault with the set.

I don't have a set at the moment, thats why I am still looking here for advice, I am considering a JVC HV32D40, I haven't seen one though, so any advice from owners would be helpful

I found the PQ of the DTX11 not that good it suffered from the dirty screen effect.

It also had barrel distortion noticeable when credits rolled up the screen, text looked squashed at the top and bottom of the screen, heads near the top of the screen looked squashed as well


You do understand that Sony and Matsush*ta have stopped making CRTs, don't you?

The end of an era.

Get what you can, where and while you can.

LCDs are coming.

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