Panasonic TX28DT30 (or TX32DT30) reviews



Could anyone point me in the direction of a review of either of these TV's? The 32" was reviewed in What Video & TV December 2002 but I can't get hold of a copy of the mag.

I'm more worried about the picture quality and IDTV than sound as I'll deal with the sound side of things later.

Anyone already own one? Or seen one in the flesh......ever......anywhere.......and plugged in? I think I might be the only person who's ever considered buying one of these, maybe I'll get a deal direct from Panasonic :D

Cheers, Neil


I have the Panasonic TX-28DT30. It got a very good review in "What Video & TV", which is why I decided to buy it.

However, I hate the picture quality. This is my first 100Hz TV and will be my last. Even worse, it has a dark vertical bar on the right of the screen which annoys the hell out of me. It seems a lot of recent TVs from different manufacturers have problems with the vertical bars from reading this forum.

Also, I was unable to get it to tune to any of the BBC Digital stations that use the 16QAM transmission method. Panasonic tell me the software version in the TV is too old and I need a software upgrade card but they have none in stock!


Blimey, good job I didn't just go on an impulsive spending spree! Think I'll keep looking for a while.
Is it a general(ish) rule that Sony or Tosh are the brands to go for at the lower end of the price range (I don't want to spend more than £700 for a 28" IDTV) or is it just the luck of the draw with which model you buy from a range? Some older models seem to get much better comments on this forum than the new ranges.

Anyone recommend a Sony with Integrated Terrestrial TV (still under £700 if possible)?

Should I even be looking for Integrated Tuner or buy a Freeview box? :confused:


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