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Panasonic tx28/32dt4c

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Pedro, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Pedro


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    Panasonic owners,

    I know the Panasonic tx28/32dt4c IDTV's are new but I would welcome any positive / negative feedback from owners.

    Q1: Does this model have 2 RGB scarts - found a website that indicated yes but would like conformation.

    In addition I would welcome answers to the following general questions on Panasonic IDTV's.

    Q2: When performing a search for digital channels do current Panasonic IDTV's sort the channels into their correct order ?
    ie 1 BBC1 2 BBC2 3 ITV1 4 CH4 5 CH5 6 ITV2 7 BBC3 etc etc
    I'm sure my father in laws Panasonic stores digital channels randomely so you have to manually sort later - a right pain.

    Q3: Do Panasonic IDTV's switch AUTOMATICALLY over to S-VIDEO
    when feeding a S-Video signal through one of the scarts - or do you have to manually switch to S-Video.



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