Panasonic TX26LXD1 - Advice on settings



Hello everybody!

I am new to this forum but i have been reading and noting advice from all of you guys for a few months now.

I have finally bought my own LCD TV, a Panasonic TX26LXD1.
Before you guys all bomabrd me with comments about the lack of HDMI inputs - it was a deliberat choice. I was thinking of getting Toshiba 32WL48 but then i decided i did not need to spend the extra £300 for something that i am not likely to use for at least 5 years and the Panasonic one has excellent picture it looks stunning and i am very happy with it. In 5 years time when by then i hope High Definition products will be more readily available and cheaper i may buy a second set and use the Panny in another room

My question to this forum is whether any current owners of the above set have any advice to give me on the settings for the picture as i am totally new to the world of LCD and i am not sure how to set up all the contrast and colour settings.

I connected my Denon DHT500SD via component and activated the Progressive Scan on the Denon and the picture is great but there does not seem to be a great deal of difference between the Interlace Picture and the Progressive one but i still kept the setting on the progressive one anyway.

So any advice on the above you have to give me will be greatly welcome



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General LCD advice.

I'm not a Panny owner, but a there are a few settings which work on most LCD's.

Set the sharpness to about as soft as you can - this helps remove digital artefacts on the lesser quality channels.

I think you can reduce the backlight brightness on the Panny, so basically get it as dull as you can stand it to keep the blacks as black as possible.

If there is a DNR setting (Digital Noise Reduction) set it as low as possible without compromising Picture Quality.

The Denon is a fantastic System with a super DVD player and powerful amp. Do keep it on the Progressive setting as this will provide a better picture. It won't be any sharper than RGB as the Progressive picture has the same number of lines (576p) but the Progressive picture is formed on the screen in a different way than the interlaced (576i) RGB picture which effectively makes it twice as fast. This means that any scenes with rapid panning, or other movement, will appear smoother - less jerky.

Hope this helps. I think you may struggle to get much info from this forum on the Panny as most forum members have avoided it. Your reasoning for buying it is perfectly sound though and it does have a decent 15:9 picture and should serve you well.



Cheers for the info, i shall try it over the weekend.

I know it's not the best LCD in the world but i hope it will serve me well.

:hiya: :hiya: :hiya: :hiya:

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