Panasonic TX PK2 28 problem: Screen goes dark after 1 hour of viewing :(



I have had my panny tx pk2 28" flatscreen TV for 2 years and it has given me faithful service up until yesterday.

However, now the set can only remain on for 45 mins to 1 hour before the screen goes very dark and you can't see what is going on. It does this on all inputs (AV1, 2 + standard tv aerial). Picture setup overlays and teletext are similarly affected. If i turn the brightness up to max the picture is still too dark.

The only way i can clear it is by switching the tv off and back on again and then i get another 45 mins to 1 hour of viewing.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this a known problem?

Many thanks for any help



Unfortunately, this now seems to be getting worse :(

You can now set your watch by this as it is happening every half hour. I've checked that any timer/sleep functions aren't enabled and really can't think of anything else.

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like it's time to get the engineer out!

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