Panasonic tx-p55vt30b noise query??


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Hi , new to the forum so apologies if this question has already been asked or answered.
I've just got a shiny new Panasonic tx-p55vt30b and it seems to have an annoying noise coming from the rear. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the noise problem, it just appears randomly. It sounds similar to the 'cricket' noise you get on holiday??. Does anyone have any ideas or have similar experience or cure, All cables are fitted with ferrite cores and are of good quality.
Any ideas......Thanks

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I just got a 55VT30B and everything on the TV is perfect, apart from this cricket noise. Thought i could live with it, but on quiet scenes on a movie, it just spoils the film.

Have tried all the power options, but nothing works.

Can you get the power transformer changed?



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I took mine back to Comet & got a replacement.. Same problem with second set. Took that one back and they tried another in-store and that too had the problem. I ended up changing it for a Samsung UE55D8000...sooo much better for me , totally silent and picture spot on too. Just went into Comet last night to have a look at something else and salesman told me he had 5 Panasonic's back with the chirping noise since I returned mine.


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You say the noise comes and goes does it seem worse with a bright scene on the tv and quieter when it's a dark scene,i think this is normal for plamsa's,have you got anything else electrical being turned on or off when it's happening dimmer switches are terrible for causeing problems with electrical interference,my bosses 55vt did the same as what your describeing it turned out to be something to do with his central heating automatically turn itself on and off he cured it with a Isol 8 power conditioner hope this helps.

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