Panasonic tx-p50st31b50" 3d plasma tv


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I am thinking of getting the above TV as my first venture into 3D market. I currently have a standard panasonic plasma 37 inch but this seems like a good deal for me as I can get the tv for £630 inc 2 pair of glasses. One question though is what leads etc do I need?

I mean no doubt I am going to be sold all sundry by the staff but is it just a 3D hdmi lead I need and thats it?

For what its worth I have a panasonic surround system, a PS3 and sky HD box for which I have hdmi cables already.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks guys.


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Just order some HDMI 1.4 leads off ebay, cheap as chips compared to the stores. Does your surround system have an optical input? And where'd you get that TV for £630 out of interest? I'm currently in a CityLink induced debacle over an LGPZ250T. I may tell them to return it if I could get the panny at that sort of price.


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Well, I get 10% off Comet and it is £699.99 in there with 2 pair of glasses thrown in.

My home cinema has got optical input but its currently got a pair of leads going from that to my tv (not sure exactly what they are but were sold to me when I initially bought it). Would optical be better then?

Thanks for the reply btw :)
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