Panasonic TX-P50G10B Tuning Problem

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Hi all

I have browsed the AV Forums for quite some time before eventually deciding to join, and the information provided in these forums helped guide me when deciding on which TV & PVR to buy. When it comes to consumer goods I am no boffin, hence the username.

I decided to plump for a Panasonic TX-P50G10B which is my first flat panel TV. I installed it and tuned in both the analogue and digital stations but have had a small problem regarding tuning in preferred channels.

I have tried to find the solution by carrying out a google search and also a search of this forum but to no avail, and I am not prepared to read through hundreds of pages of posts in the off-chance that I might stumble across it.

When carrying out an auto tune the TV prefers to tune in a station from a different region. ie I live in the East Midlands of the UK and want to view stations BBC 1 & 2 as broadcast in the E.M but the TV tunes in BBC 1 & 2 from East Yorks and Lincs on Ch 30, with a signal quality and strength of 6 out of 10. The tuning does detect a BBC 1 & 2 E.M signal but it is of such poor quality (varying 1 - 4) that it is unwatchable. The rest of the BBC stations are on ch 49 and are 10 out of 10 quality wise. I have carried out a manual tune and BBC 1 & 2 are available on ch 49 but despite the user guide stating that all channels found will be added to the channel list, it doesn't happen.

It seems that the TV, tuning from low to high frequencies, will find the first reasonably strong signals and add them to the channel list and ignore any repeated stations further up the frequency range, even if the signal strength is better.

I e-mailed Panasonic's customer help line but they were no use, all they did was send me back the user guide in PDF format, which I already had, with no suggestions on how to solve the problem.

I have, however, found a work around. By disconnecting the aerial feeder to the TV, I carried out an auto search which clears the stored channels without being able to add any because of there being no signal input. I then replaced the aerial feeder and carried out a manual tune on ch 49 which gave me the BBC channels for my region and the TV automatically saved them to the channel list. I then carried out an Update Channel List search which found the remainder of the stations I wanted and also added them to the channel list.

I appologise if this has been covered before or is blindingly obvious to most, but I couldn't find the information after doing a search and this may just help someone else with a similar problem.



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Welcome to the forum, the Auto tune will naturaly place the relevant channel with the highest signal on to the appropriate channel number. Do you have a good wideband digital aeriel? & of course it depends what transmitter it's pointing at.

Did you have good Freeview reception on your previous TV?

I live in the EM & unfortunately have to have my aeriel pointing at sutton coldfield & therefore get Birmingham news. It's not a problem for me however as I use Sky most of the time which of course gives me the correct region.
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My previous TV was an inherited Grundig CRT and whilst the digital picture was not as good as the one on my Panny, I still received BBC 1 & 2 East Midlands with no problem.

I believe the transmitter I'm receiveing from is the Waltham one.

I think that what it comes down to is as soon as the tuner picks up a signal for a station it stores it and won't overwrite the same station from a stronger signal on a different channel. As far as the tuner is concerned it has got that station and doesn't want it again. Anyway, the problem's solved and I now have beeb 1 & 2 at 10 out of 10 for East midlands on ch 49.

As for satellite, I have an old dish which is pointing to the Astra 1 bird at 19.2 deg E. I think the old dish must have been used for the old Sky analogue. I am happy to keep it because I am able to pick up foreign stations, particularly the French news broadcasts which will help me as I'm learning French. I have a new dish which I will eventually get around to bolting to the wall for freesat.

The biggest annoyance for me is the break up of the digital picture caused when the 17 year olds go screaming by on their twist and go hair dryers, which plays havoc with the digital signal. I am not alone in this as my neighbour suffers exactly the same problem.


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Many thanks for this. I have same problem with the Bluebell Hill (lowish power) transmitter getting in the way of Crystal Palace, which has high power and is my correct transmitter. I was mystified by the Panasonic manual simply saying new channels are added to the channel list. I have sent email to Panasonic re this problem and await their reply. There might be an official way of selecting the transmitter mux you want the TV to home in on.

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