Panasonic TX P50 VT20B PLASMA


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Just bought yesterday this lovely 2011/2 model 3D neon black plasma for £80 this is my 5th plasma bought and currently have 3 here now a 2005 (5 model) LG 50 and the 46 inch Panasonic freesat TX P46 G20B.
With this PLASMA they thrown in the kitchen sink ( and last) Panasonic decided to give everything they could as a swansong . The only real problem none of them are SMART. Panasonic stopped supporting there PLASMAs years back , which to me is a shame .
PLASMA Tvs problems lie on the fact they was heavy and eat electricity and expensive to manufacture. " Note none ever made in China " And i dare anyone to compare a 50 inch LED HDR against this TV and say the LED is better , because likely they are not better screen .
Blacks have always been a problem for cheap LEDs and also motion , The motion filters are very good indeed . Another problem i have found with the LEDs they tend to last only a couple of years , if you try to boast there abilities to there maximum they are capable on the screens . contrast ratio of 5000 ,black ultra filter Neon plasma and is 3D too ( by the way not many LEDs on the market have 3D do they ??) This was the ultimate TV made. But unless you buy a large screen TV why buy 4K . what is the point of them ? 65 yes 70 inch i can understand having 4K then adds to the problem you need to watch 4K programs . Even now not everything is in 4K is it ??? and why 4k on a 50 inch TV?

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