PANASONIC TX-P46ST30B 7 red lights of death!

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Stiffman, May 6, 2016.

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    So like the title says I got the 7 blinking red lights of death on my Panasonic tv. I've hunted down a few people fixing this on similar tv's and followed their moves. I've opened it up and disconnected the su/ sd boards stuck a jumper in the sc50 turned it on and still the 7 lights pointing to dead sc board. But of course the su/sd boards might still be bad I guess (did get banding at top of screen right before it went so I'm suspicious of the top su board).

    Anyway I also totally disconnected all the left side boards sd/su/sc. And got 8 red lights which is possible the ss board is bad according to one guy (although his tv was older). But this is were I am not sure any experts out there on why I get the 8 lights? Possibly it means nothing just that the boards are disconnected and maybe my info is wrong. Other than that I guess I have to gamble and buy a sc board next. Any info would be really great thanks !

    Ps anyone tried one of these kits? : eBay
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