Panasonic TX-P42UT30B v TX-P42ST30B


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Does anybody know the difference between these two sets.

I have never seem the UT30 previously and cannot seem to find any reviews of this model


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I think the main difference is the filter on the ST.
This will block out more ambient light, and provide a better image.

Although one user on here said that he prefered the image of the UT in a pitch black room

Also i believe there are some cosmetic differences


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Yes cosmetically it looks like the surround bezel is shiny black as opposed to the grey on the ST30.
I have just seen it on the Panasonic website although no price is shown, but who buys at manufacturer’s price anyway.


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Just had a look at Sound and Vision, and there is nothing screaming from the spec that looks different to the ST.
In fact, in the description they say "... and Deep Black Filter Pro technologies ..." - I thought that was the filter in use by the ST???

But... i cant see much difference in price (in fact in lots of places its more expensive)
Looks like the UT is the forgotten brother that no-one can win the crowds by lowering the price

Edit - having said that, you can get the 50" for under 700 which isnt bad. Its juts the 42 which is about the same proce as the ST


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You can do a full side-by-side comparison of the tech specs on the panasonic site. I think the ST has the better filter, more inputs, USB (HD Freeview?)


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oh. According to S&V, the UT has USB and HD freeview. but i would trust the Panasonic site


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Had both the 42" UT30 (2 sets) and now a 46" ST30 and can advise the following differences:
ST30 has a good A/R filter, very good at rejecting light in the room (this means blacks and contrast are maintained with lights on) the UT30 does not
ST30 has a dark grey bezel & stand whereas the UT30 is all black
Contrast and brightness of the ST30 is better, it has the latest neo plasma panel the picture is slightly cleaner as well, the UT30 seems to use last years panel
Black levels are similar in a pitch black room although I find that the filter on the ST30 gives the blacks a slight blue tint so they appear slightly lighter than the UT30
ST30 has built in fans the UT30 doesn't

If these are similar prices then the ST30 would win out for most people because when you view in the daytime the picture is better and contrast is held even with lights on (have a look at the ST30 in a showroom for how well it holds its black level)
For me however the filter is irrelevant as I only view in my dark batcave
The ST30 IMO doesn't look as good as the all black UT30 in my room but it does seem classy and when off the screen itself is black and contrasts well with the dark grey

Both my UT30's had faults (vertical lines and 3D bug) btw and the ST30 has green splodges and fan noise (& 3D bug) and I'm currently having it replaced by JL
For overall picture quality I would say the ST30 wins though

Apologies for the long post but the UT30/ST30 differences Q's keep coming up:D

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