Panasonic TX-P42ST50B - No analogue channel sound


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My TV has Freeview tuner. After purchasing the TV from UK I bought it back to Bangladesh. Now I'm not getting any sound from any of the analogue stations. After doing some research online, I found that analogue tuner of this TV is set to PAL I. And I need to switch to PAL B/G to get it working. How can I switch it to PAL B/G? There's nothing is TV settings menu or in the manual regarding this.

Thanks for you help in advance.

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Thanks for the response George. Well, sorry to know that :( I'm sent an email to Panasonic UK support. Lets see if they can provide any solution.


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Unfortunately, there's nothin' you can do about it, nor can panasonic. U can either physically change the internal tuner for the one that is fully compatible in your country or u can use and external tuner in form of set top box. Check this explanation on wikipedia.

PAL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How to convert from PAL I to PAL B/G

P.S. your TV has a digital tuner called Freeview which is nothin else just a poncey name for DVB-T standard in UK, but you may have end up with same or similar problems even with a digital broadcasting receiving. So you better check out, what's available in your country in terms of broadcasting specifications or what will be a broadcasting standard in future and then decide what to do.


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Thanks Mirheldt. You are right. Panasonic support got back to me and they are saying it's not possible. I resolved the problem by using set top box.


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Hi Saif
I have the similar problem with Panasonic bought from Uk for my parents in Bangladesh. Can you please give a little more details about the set top box which fixed your problem? You can email me at [email protected].

Best wishes

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