Panasonic TX-P42GT30B vs Samsung PS50C7000


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As I am new to that 3D and Smart TV terms I would appreciate if someone clarify my doubts. After while of research for a new TV I ended up with the two models: Panasonic P42GT30B and Samsung PS50C7000.
The first comes in bundle with 2 x 3D Glasses and Panasonic DMP-BDT110EB 3D Blu-Ray player for £622. The Samsung is for £499. Both have fantastic reviews on AVForum and both have some problems, especially Samsung with its firmware.
Anyway I love the Panasonic picture quality but on the other side Samsung has hundreds of apps, which I found very useful. I want to have these features on Panasonic GT30, therefore I thought to sell Panasonic Blu-Ray player and go for the Samsung BD-D6900 Blu-Ray player. However I have doubts about compatibility between Panasonic GT30 TV and Samsung BD-D6900 player. Do they work together ? Do I get Samsung apps on the Panasonic TV screen?
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I called the Samsung support and they said that it should work when a proper cable is used. The Samsung Apps should come out on the screen.


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Samsung PS50C7000 for 500 quid is silly cheap. I can only assume it's an ex-demo (been working for a very long time) or repaired. Coincidentally, I've been contemplating on PS50C7000 myself recently, but here the few left (ex-demo) since it's an old model are about 900 pounds. For 500 pounds it beats any other 500-pound 50-incher, that's for certain.


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Both TVs are brand new and bought on Amazon Black Friday and Boxing Day offers. It is hard to resist to keep them both :)


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Where did you pick up a GT30B for £622? That is an awesome price as they are already cheap at £759 on amazon.


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I believe Amazon had very limited stocks for around £600 on Boxing Day

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