Panasonic TX-P42G20 plasma or TX-L32D25E LED >> for gaming


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Hi to all, my first post, hope i will keep it quick and sharp (and my english not too bad). I want to change my old CRT for a flat pannel to play SD sources (like saturn, dreamcast..) and HD of course like PS3. I am sitting very close to the tv like 1,5 /2m max so 42 is quite big. But after reading reviews Plasma looks still like the the best choice for gaming. The new models have also apparently better upscalling chips so i would be good to play the old machines on it. My problem is I am sensitive to green, blue phosphor trails (i had to bring a plasma screen back one year ago because of that) maybe i am sitting to close to it. So the vendor told me: Stay on your projector to play (i have a sanyo Z4) or take an LCD. I haven´t seen the 42G20 but i saw the 32D25E and it looked quite good. As a nice bonus, the D25E LCD has a tv record possibility on hard drive via USB what is a welcome nice plus. On reviews it is said the the 25E series has a 35ms reponse time what is no soo good but ok.., a nice picture and offers better upscallings than older LCD models. 35 ms seems to me a lot, kept my CRT for that, the joy of playing in High res on the dremcast is still so great on the CRT..

So what do you think? Should i try the G20 even the 42 screen is "hudge"! and the phosphor trails are visible if you really look at them (what was very disturbing on racing games on the old model i tried) or should i try the LCD witch is slower but has not the kind of problems ? Hard choice for me.

Thank you for your time of reading, hope you can help me on this.
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So i have spend 2 hours testing this too models in the shop with my old SD sega saturn console. Really simple, i can´t watch plasma without seeing the yellow/ green phoshore, disturbing so no plasma. Now to the D25, it was not bad, but the lines, words, have a thin dobbel line because of the quality of the signal.. so it´s a little bit more slow than the plasma but the picture (and i tried every possible configuration) is not clean.

And now i tested it on a Philips 32PFL7605H. I was really surprised to see the quality of the clean SD signal on it. No dobel letters, very clean picture. The menus from the Philips are horrible compared to the panasonic (little ericson and nokia) i dont´ know if the Philips is at least a good choice, but for SD signal i was just gorgious. So don´t know what to do now, but it will not be a plasma, that´s sure.

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