Panasonic TX-L47WT50 or wait till 47WT65


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Having decided I would try to get a Panasonic TX-L47WT50 at £1,150 I continued browsing and started reading about the 55DT65.

So I am fairly excited by the DT65 series and this got me wondering if I should wait for the WT65 reviews.

Pre-order is showing a price of £2,000 however the closest I could come to a release date was May.

If I wait the WT50's are likely to no longer be available(guess).

The question:
will the WT65's possibly be worth the £850 more than the WT50's?


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Hi JustinCP, only you can decide this one lol. One thing I'm pretty sure of is having read the DT65 review on avforums, the WT65 black levels and contrast will be much improved from the WT50. It might be a good idea to wait a while until all of the new 2013 models are released. You can then read the reviews, demo them in the shops and get yourself a good deal.
I'm looking to upgrade my CRT hopefully towards the end of the year. By that time, I will know what user opinions are on various sets, will have read all the professional reviews, seen them in the shops and hopefully prices will have come down by then.
I would also have a look at what Sony has to offer this year with it's new 2013 LED TV's. I saw a couple of the new 2013 models in my local Sony Centre and all I can say is wow.
Last year's Sony flagship model the HX853 was given rave reviews all over the web including avforums. If you can't wait much longer to get a new TV, might be worth checking how much this TV is now selling for as the price has dropped since when it first came out. Here is a link to the HX853 review :- Sony HX853 (KDL-55HX853) 3D LED LCD TV Review | - UK Online

Hope this helps :)

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