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New to the Forum, please don't shoot me down if I make any mistakes...
I have a TX-L42B6B LED TV. The set is 2 years old and has always had a minor fault whereas it would mute volume, and would only return if turned off and on again. Recently, it developed a new fault... It won't turn on! I have taken it to a local Panasonic repair centre for diagnosis, and they have put it down to 'LED ARRAY' fault. I have been quoted £127 all in for repair.
Firstly, is this a reasonable price for the work? Also, they offer a 3 month warranty with the work, but if it goes again after 3 months, I have to pay full price again.
Is this something that could be a recurring fault? I'm in two minds as to whether to go ahead with the repair, or just bin it off.
I would appreciate if someone could advise me on what would be the more practicle thing to do?

Your help, is greatly appreciated :)


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As your set is only two years old you should have contacted/complained to the retailer you bought it from as under the SOGA (Google it) it should have lasted longer than this before this fault developed.

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