Panasonic TX-L37E5B smart function queries


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Hello all.

I just bought the above TV, as it seemed that (a) it was a good TV, and (b) the Viera platform was well thought of. So far, I've been pleased with the TV side of it, but a wee bit frustrated with the Smart Viera functions.
  1. On the media server, I cant seem to get it to play back divX files (of my own home movies), and yet from the manual, my reading of it is that divX should be OK. Can anyone help with this?
  2. Can the media server be made to display album art ?
  3. Why can't I get Amazon Video app on it? From the Amazon UK and Panasonic UK websites, it looks as though I should be able to.
  4. Does anyone know why Panasonic don't include the web browser with this TV? Is it likely to become available, and do Panasonic release any news of new apps in the pipeline?

I went for this TV as I don't want 3D for this room. If I ever go for 3D, it will be when I replace my projector where we watch all our movies etc.

Many thanks


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1. Use free version of Serviio on your PC as the media server, it will transcode video if necessary making it play. Panasonic have a nasty habit of crippling the DLNA media player.
2. Displaying album art needs to be supported by the DLNA client (the TV) and the server, if the TV supports it then Serviio will most likely make that happen.
3. Amazon video on demand isnt available in the UK as far as I know unless it's another service your referring to.
4. Panasonic only include the web browser on the T50 models.

They could support a browser but I doubt they ever will.


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Thanks for your reply.

If I install Serviio, does this mean I can't use WMP on my PC for playing media on my PC, or is it just a bit of software that runs in the background? Will I still be able to stream media between PC/laptop/music only audio client, I have elsewhere in the house, using WMP all will I have to will this cause possible problems? I'm happy to do it but not if it solves one problem but creates others?

Does anyone know if the TV will support album art?

Why do you think they won't ever include a browser with this TV?


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WMP is a media player and media server, you can still use WMP as a media player and even a media server if you want to continue to use it for streaming music.

Serviio is just a media server not a media player, you add folders into Serviio and it scans them for content and thats it. On the DLNA client you can access the Serviio server and play the media.

They wont include a web browser because TV makers are very old fashioned and clinging to bad business models by segmenting their product range, bad software development practices too, instead of investing in a unified software platform that works across all models year after year they abandon them for next years models.


Serviio is fine and should play anything you tell it to.
It won't interfere with anything else.
The reason why the TV doesn't have a web browser is that it's not a model that has one.:)
For a similar reason it doesn't have 3D, though I don't see the point of avoiding that.


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Using Serviio on WHS to stream Divx/Xvid/MKV files to a Panasonic TX-L32E5B, which all works well...
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