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Panasonic TX-L37E5B clouding?


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Hi, this is my first ever post here, hope I can get some assistance?

Bought a Panasonic TX-L37E5B in January after reading a lot of good things about its picture performance. Very happy with it until last weekend when I was setting up a Panny HDD recorder I'd bought to complement it. The set up menus on the recorder have a grey background and it was here that I noticed a small (less than the size of a 1p coin) bright area in the extreme top left corner of the screen (just under the Viera logo) that I'd never noticed before. It may have been there 'out of the box', so to speak, I honestly can't say for sure but if it was - obsessive that I am - I can't believe I've only just noticed it now. The thing is, now I've seen it I can't 'un-see' it and find my gaze forever drifting to it whenever I'm using the set.

It's not massively bright but it's noticeable to my eye - probably not to the average (ie. non-AV nerd) viewer, like the missus. Also, strangely, it only seems visible against light backgrounds. Everything I've read about backlight bleed and clouding would seem to suggest that those particular problems mainly surface when scenes turn darker.

So what I'd like to know is: does this sound like clouding? And what degree of it is regarded as being within 'acceptable parameters'? It (my issue) really is very minor and I may possibly be worrying about nothing but at the same time this set cost me a monkey and for that kind of money I feel I shouldn't have to tolerate what I consider to be a distracting 'blotch' on my screen.

I have, incidentally, contacted Panasonic and they just referred me to a local service centre. Don't really wanna go that route just to be laughed at so thought I'd put my faith in you guys. Any help at all will be very much appreciated.


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