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    Here's my mini review of the rather excellent Panasonic TX-L37D28BS, bought from Comet for £629.99

    First off I've owned this TV for 3 days. I bought this screen to replace my aging but excellent Sony 32” V2500 (this has been ‘retired' from the living room to the conservatory). The TX-L37D28BS is technically identical to the TX-L37D25B. The only differences are the ‘Pure Line' picture frame stand that tilts the screen backwards and the fascia colour is two-tone silver and grey.

    I'll start by listing the PROS.

    HD - Extraordinarily clear HD images (Sky HD box). From 10 feet the images are sharp, finely detailed and the colours are beautiful. Skins tones on the ‘True Cinema' setting are near perfect. I watched X-factor last night (even though I detest it) just to admire the image quality. You can see wrinkles and blemishes on faces, even close up from 2 feet there is very little background noise.

    Motion - smooth and good detail is retained on slow horizontally and vertically panning images. This is even with Intelligent Frame Creation off. IFC is only really suited to sports broadcasts, I'm not a fan of interpolated images and over processing for general content. Best to turn it off.

    SD - picture also excellent. Of course this is dependant on the channel. CBeebies looks a bit rough and noisy though, but it always has. Channel Five looks clear and detailed. It's all about the bitrate.

    Viewing angle – outstanding. Perfectly watchable from the side and little drop off in colour. The IPS panel is class leading in this regard. You have to go to a really acute angle to see a marked black colourisation.

    Black levels – specified as 2,000,000 : 1. Looks stunning. Fine detail can be picked out from shadows. Very little greying for an IPS panel.

    Backlight – absolutely no backlight buzz (I had 2 Samsung's recently but returned both due to buzzing)

    Screen imperfections - Minimal banding, slight colour change when watching football but not off putting.

    Minimal black /grey ghosting. Seems much less noticeable than Samsung's S-PVA panel.

    USB / Media Player through Veira Tools – playing TV shows downloaded off the net works very well. Remote works well enough. Picture looks surprisingly good.

    Size & build quality – slender design, only 7cm deep. Will look great mounted on a wall bracket. Build quality is excellent throughout, plastics feels sturdy.

    Moving onto the CONS.

    Sound – thin and tinny. The equaliser is a nice feature, but I haven't managed to get it sounding rich and clear yet. My old Sony's sounded better. It's not surprising the sound is lacklustre given the depth of the screen, the physical limitations are apparent. Home cinema audio system recommended instead (especially for films)

    Backlight – some blotchy lighter areas. Not really noticeable but if you turn up the backlight and look for it on a black screen in a darkened room it is there. This is a common issue with LED side lit screens. I will attempt leaving the screen on for 24 hours on max backlight to see if this improves.

    Menus – the text and table menus are boring to look at but are functional and responsive. In comparison to Samsung and Sony menu systems, it is dated.

    Stand – very odd design. The screen tilts around 15 – 20 % backwards like a classic picture frame. Luckily the viewing angles are so good on this panel no vertical colour shift is noticeable. The stand also juts 30cm backwards, making it impossible to push it back close to the wall. In fairness I bought the screen knowing I would wall mount it eventually, so this will not be an issue.

    Colour – it's a pro and a con in our house! Silver and grey looks great to me but my wife hates it! I personally think it looks expensive and classy. Not to mention low maintenance. Shiny black is ubiquitous and boring, why follow the masses? I would recommend taking a look at it first to see if you like it.


    Panasonic have manufactured a very classy LED LCD TV. It does many things very well and has no major flaws. After trying and returning 5 screens recently I'm relieved and happy I've finally found one that is good enough to keep. That is the best recommendation I can give.


    I haven't tried the Freeview HD tuners, gaming input lag or the Internet function, so I can't comment on these. I won't be using any of these features.
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