PANASONIC TX-L32DT30B or Samsung UE32D6530


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Hi Guys

Down to these two for my back room. We do use this room a fair bit, watching mainly Freeview, DVD's and my WD medid player.
Room size suits a 32" set so larger is no good.
Read reviews for both sets and the only prob with the Panasonic seemed to be the price but now it's down to £499.00 at comets does that mean it now gets the nod.
Samsung seemed to get much praise, built in wifi being clapped very loudly, but again only seemed to get top marks because of the Panasonics original £700.00 price tag. The Samsung also was slated for it's poor 3D quality.
Even though 3D is not my main concern at the mo.

any advice much appreciated



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Not that it helps you but I'm looking at the same choice. I decided on the DT30 as it seemed to be rated slightly higher and, as you say, has dropped to £499.

That said, I went to order it from Comet and they seem to be out of stock - in fact, a lot of places at that sort of price are out of stock when you actually go to buy it.

I'm concerned that stock is running low with the 2012 models just around the corner. Personally I'd rather have the TV now at these prices rather than the new model at higher prices!

Interested to hear how you get on.



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Hi Ben

You are right, out of stock in my whole area. The thing also about Comet is they only seem interested in selling you the "extra careplan", I was hoping to use this to my advantage and get a discount on the glasses or the dongle but no good if out of stock.
Also as from this morning the price has gone up to £549.00, still out of stock mind!!!!
The more I think about it, when you take into account the extra cost of glasses and the dongle this tv is a bit pricey for a 32".
John lewis are doing deals on the bigger Panasonics, I think I'm going to wait and see if the do them for smaller screens in the future.

good luck
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