Question Panasonic TX-58DX750B 2nd hand or New other?


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My old Sagem HD D50 rear pro has finally bit the dust after 11 solid years of service!

I guess it doesn't owe me anything! :laugh:

Need a new TV fast and cheap! Don't want to spend more than £700. 4k/HDR not a deal breaker solid 1080p performance will do. 55" to 65" preferred.

So do I go for 2nd hand/refurb older model or cheap newer model?

I'm honestly not being lazy I just don't have the time right now to do the usual exhaustive look at every current TV and technology - there are a lot!!!! I have a 50" hole to fill in the lounge!

First one I came across was a refurbed Panasonic TX-58DX750B from Richersounds.

It's a year old model but seemed to get decent reviews.

Any constructive advice would be really welcome!


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Anythings got to be a vast improvement picture-quality wise compared to a projection set.


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Thanks for the reply. You are quite correct that I will see a significant improvement to my old TV unless I pick a dog of course!

But I think my question wasn't clear.

Is there a new model TV comparable (or better) to the Panasaonic TX-58DX750B for £600-£700?

Trying to figure if it is worth taking a chance on a refurb (12 months warranty) of a mid range TV (12 month old model) or go for a value range new tv!

Not sure how quick the TV scene is moving at the minute - hence the question.

I think not going 4K is a waste of money. 4K is the future, so if you want to future proof, go 4K and local dimming, not edge lit.

So I would pay the extra and look at the DX902, that comes in a 58" and a 65". Edge Lit will bring you no end of annoyance, Direct LED is where its at and the Panasonics are just amazing, but either way it would still be a step up from what you did have.


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Great minds! That is exactly the conclusion that I had come to. In the process of reading the entire M7000 thread. So far I've not come across any issues mentioned that would bother me for £679 new. I've had a 50" 720p TV for 11 years and a 720p projector (92" screen) for 8 years - hopefully a 55" M7000 should be an ok upgrade! :)


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Would you believe it! I think the next post I read in the M7000 thread mentioned very bad motion issues with sports. Typical, that would be something I'd have a problem with. Have jumped ahead to the end of the thread and it seems that motion, and flashing black bars are issues that have yet to be resolved through firmware upgrades. Not optimistic they will bother to try and fix it even if it is possible with the advent of the new models.

Further reading would suggest that Sony has the better motion handling as a brand so I guess I have to start again!!!

I think "Owners threads" should have a first post reserved for confirmed issues (perhaps a threshold of x reports) and a current status. Reading 300 pages plus just to find if a tv/device has an issue and if it ever got fixed is not my idea of fun!!
In all fairness you are buyung a budget telebox, so you unfortunately have to accept flaws. Every tv has them even £3000er's.

Sony does have nice motion processing but for your budget youll only get one of their edge lit models, and can you accept light bleed from the sides and banding which they all have?

The m7000 is the beat one you can afford and no you wont get perfection, far from it in fact. Youd be better saving for the panasonic dx902 if you want something closer to perfect (but even they have some.basic issues)

You will not find an owners thread for any tv without a long list of reported problems. Just buy from the likes of RS or JL that give you excellent warranties if you are not happy with something.


@The Chronicals has it right. The Hisense M7000/Panasonic DX-750 are your best bets. Perhaps the Panasonic is slightly better at motion as you can turn on frame insertion on that tv.

But most people including those who buy very high end models don't even delve in to the motion settings. They keep the settings off so therefore they all perform the same.

For most people this is fine, 99% of the time.

If in doubt, go and demo one. There are no more motion problems with the Hisense M7000 compared to any other tv.

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