Panasonic TX-55FX55 5B HDMI issue, warranty expired. Not sure what best option is.


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Hi folks.

Not how I wanted to make my first post in the Panasonic TV section.........but my TV went last night. Hoped it was a temp fault but it's the same today. See image attached. Called PC World and they said the warranty expired (bought 29/05/2019 - two year tomorrow) so I would have to pay for the repair at a cost of £95 just to look at it and couldn't give me a ballpark figure for parts and that it could cost hundreds. Haven't called Panasonic yet because they're closed now until Tuesday for the weekend and Bank Holiday.

I could buy another TV of course and have just filled out for a quote on local TV repairmen, but I though I'd post here first to see if anyone has ever had a similar issues and how it got fixed, how long it took, how much it cost etc...

The HDMI's have gone on the back and the Chromecast with Google TV and the Chromecast Ultra plugged into them shows the attached images. Also it switches between normal colours but very dark and green screens.

Edit: Using the Chromecast with Google TV and the Chromecast Ultra in another TV has no issues - so I know they are not the issue, but also using a Fire Stick in my TV has no issues at all - so I can't tell if the TV or the the Chromecast with Google TV and the Chromecast Ultra are the problem.


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Your TV is unlikely to be faulty if it works okay with the Firestick and if the internal Freeview tuner and menu gives a normal picture.
Do not hot-swap HDMI inputs (plug/unplug HDMI inputs while the TV is powered).
Have you tried unplugging/switching off at the power socket and waiting 10-15mins and powering on again?

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