Panasonic TX-50GT30B & Humax freesat sound problem

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Mincarlo, Dec 28, 2011.

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    So I have a fantastic 50" GT30 which is fantastic! However I have a concern that I will have every possible cable combination running from every box to every box to get the end solution that I want....which as I am trying to hide wires behind the walls that is going to be a challenge.

    So first dilema:
    Humax has the Sat feed coming into it and then has a HDMI (latest and greatest) cable going to the GT30 in HDMI port 1. This works, get great picture and sound through the TV speakers. I then attach a BTT270 suround sound to HDMI port 2 (ARC) on the GT30. What I'd expect to be able to do is get the sound on the cinema speakers from the Humax through the GT30....

    Is this actually possible or do I need an audio feed direct from humax to the BTT270?

    Thanks :)

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