Panasonic TX-50CX802B internet connection.


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Currently my pc is connected to the latest TalkTalk modem via a dongle, but now I also want to connect my 802B to the internet either by wifi or power adaptor.
Can I use my current pc modem as well for this purpose with an additional dongle for the tv or is there likely to be some sort of conflict between pc and computer, (both in different rooms?)

Or, would it be better to use power adaptors connecting between the same modem and tv while continuing with the pc dongle modem set up ?

Failing this should I go for an extra modem just for the tv ?

Hoping this question makes sense. At 85 I don't have much of a clue about this new fangled technology and any advice would be much appreciated.



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Hi PJBee,

I have my Panasonic coming on Friday, but I am pretty sure that the TV has inbuilt wifi and lan capability, so you would not need another dongle for the TV.

You should be able to connect to your talk talk modem via wifi I'm guessing through the network settings section within the menu system, just select your talk talk modem name from list the TV offers after it searches then it will ask for your modem password, should be on the modem somewhere, click connect and that should be that.

To be honest I'm not fully conversant with the panasonic menu/setup but will be on Friday when I get mine, so if your still stuck then I will try post what I did to connect my TV to internet, but I'm sure one of the great guys on here will help you before then

Hope my babble at least helped a wee bit

These guys will be able to help;

2015 Panasonic CX802 (TX-xxCX802B) owners thread


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TV has built in wifi, in the tv settings you can connect it to your wifi router, if your wifi router has wps you can press that and press the tv wps option and it will connect without you having to do anything else. If not go to the wifi settings on the tv select your router and enter the pass code to connect.


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Hi Guilders and Prezzy,

Thanks so much to both for your kind advice. Everything becomes a lot easier to handle when people like you help out.
Thanks again.


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