Panasonic TX-50CS520B posterization


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I bought a Panasonic TX-50CS520B and the picture is appalling in terms of posterization.

I had a Panasonic L42E3OB and that was a good HD picture, presumably bigger screens are more vulnerable to posterization if you don't spend enough.

I'm trying o stick with Panasonic because a number of sites put their Tv's ahead for life span.
Samsung also scored well but i understand some of theirs have colour breakdown problems after a while.
I just don't trust Sony but that's maybe an attitude mistake.

Anyone recommend an LED for £500 no smaller than 40 inch.

I looked at this - good reviews
Samsung 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Quad Core Wi-Fi Smart 3D LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer): TV


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The Sony W75/W80 is available for less than £500 in 43". If you buy from a reputable dealer you will get a 5 year warranty so reliability should not be an issue.


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its £600 on Amazon
is the warranty from sony or the seller
do you have experience of this TV ?
because im seeing a lot of negative reviews on amazon


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We offer it with a 5 year manufacturers warranty and it costs £460. A lot of the negative reviews are regarding the android operating system from when it was first released, there have been many software updates to improve the system. Unfortunately the reviews online do not reflect this and the general public will not know that the improvements have been made


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I have owned Panasonic 50DX750 since December 2016 and have noticed posterization on some backgrounds when they are slightly graded in shade.
I sent Panasonic an email explaining this effect and initially the support person didn't know what I was talking about and asked me to explain further with sample images. I referred him to the Cambridge In Colour website where the effect is explained along with examples.
The solution from Panasonic was to invite me to "take the TV through the shipping condition process and see if the error is still there after"!
Very tevhnical, just like the old IT solution "have you tried switching it off then on".

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