Panasonic tx-40ax630b Red Blinking Problem


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Hello guys, I have a problem with the panasonic viera tx-40ax630B is constantly flashing red light and I can not fix it in any way I also replaced the power supply to the TV also it did not help in any way or the combination of buttons on the back of the TV to turn off StandBy mode whether it is any chance of help in this matter? I will send a video as it looks. The red light keeps blinking only as a push button when the TV is switched on, the green light comes on and the light flashes red again.
I still wanted to add that the red light blinks constantly (not with a code) as in others with once or twice or more. As here in this link: PANASONIC LED TV BLINKING ERROR CODE DETAILS.




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PANEL SOS I'm afraid, so you having something (usually backlights) wrong with your screen.

Panels are no longer available for these so if you can't find anyone to perform component level repair I'm afraid it's a scrapper.


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1 blink means: problem with backlight, 90% the problem is one or more leds faults into panel backlight, 10% power board don't supply the right power to backlight. Try to connect a voltmeter on the backlight connector (it is the upper on power board) and power up the tv, check the voltage when tv power up before the red blink starts. If you've a voltage between 30-50 Volts this means the power board is ok and problem is a faulty led in backlight. Is possibile to replace the faulty led but to do this you need to open the panel and remove the matrix and all filters. It is not easy if you don't have the required skill and tools.
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