Panasonic TX-37LZD70 fed up, advice!


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Hi all,

Please can someone tell me, I know it has been discussed before, I have read all the threads and am no further with it!

Is the Panasonic TX-37LZD70 1080p full 24fps? That is all I want to know, that is the only thing holding me back from buying one! The drawback with this is 24fps does it do it!?

Also may get the Samsung LE40N87BD, is this 100% full 1080p 24fps?
I have heard lagging issues with this TV?

I want to use it with PS3 gaming mainly, some SD Sky football too, abd blu ray DVD?! With footie will it be shadowing?

Someone please advise, I know many of you have these tv's!

I just want to know which one to get, just getting bored of this!




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No it does not have 24fps. But It does have a special Processor built in to accomodate inputs and convert them to some thing else.... Not entirely sure what but if it had 24fps then this is a big selling point and they would advertise it. I checked 6 websites and found not one stating it.

Have you tried the Z series LCD's by Toshiba ? Maybe your answer for budget and technology...


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Thanks guys, what does 24fps actually mean and do? Does it matter?

Do people on this forum have this tv and are happy with it for football on Sky SD and esp the PS3??

Thanks very much



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24fps means 24 frames per second which is how a movie is actually shot but r tv's play at 25frames per second i think, doesnt sound a big thing but you can tell difference


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Remember 24fps is only applicable to HD-DVD and Blu-ray (at 1080p). Not television, DVD's or gaming.



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Really, I thought in previous posts with Some Games running at massive frames per second that 24fps made a huge difference..... Is this not the case then. ?

So is it just the conversion of cinema to TV.. ? I know most modern LCD's have a form of dealing with fast frame rates through various processors. So maybe it does not matter then for gaming. Does 100mhz/120mhz matter for gaming then >?


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Anyone?? Hopefully someone can comment?



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no-one with this tv??


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I have this TV and and i am not experiencing any motion problems at all an i am very happy, i use it with Sky HD and also play Blu-Ray and HD-DVD films on it as well as normal SD and upscaled normal DVD's.

No onto the 24fps issue, this TV does not support as you call 'full 24fps', but it will accept a 24fps signal and will convert it to its native resolution. In order for a TV to support full HD it needs to support a native refresh of a multiple of 24, say 48, 72, 96, 120 .. so a TV that has 120Mhz refresh then it will support full 24fps ..... This TV's native resolutions are a multiples of 25 or 30 and it will use a technique called 3:2 pulldown to add extra frames in the picture to play the 24fps input, this can cause slight juddering which some people notice on slow panning shots in the films, i personally dont notice it.

As previous posters say the 24fps is only relevant whent watching Blu-Ray or HD-DVD movies, not for TV or gaming.

In my opinion this is a very fine TV and i am pleased with it.

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