Panasonic TX-36PL32 unusual "clicking" sound




Nice to meet you all! Anyway...

I have just purchased a Panasonic TX-36PL32.

When the device is on, I occasionally hear a "click" or "snap" from the rear of TV (not entirely dis-similar to a monitor degaussing) which very briefly causes the picture to flicker. It seems to happen at completely random intervals (some days not at all) which is particularly odd imo. I would expect a serious problem to be more consistant?

I have tried moving it to different locations and away from any devices which may potentially cause interference, e.g. computers. I have tried different devices/cables in alternate scart sockets but the problem re-occurs.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Can anyone suggest what may be causing this weird clicking? I do not want to go to the trouble of returning it unless absolutely necessary mainly due to its sheer weight. :rolleyes:

In addition, is there a service menu that can be accessed from the remote which allows more comprehensive configuration?

Thanking you all in advance,




Can anyone help me or perhaps suggest a reputable Panasonic repair centre in the Bristol area?


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sounds like some sort of static discharge or arcing of the tv electronics would advise you to call in an engineer asap


Thanks compo.

I have found a Panasonic repair centre called Select TV. Does anyone have any knowledge or feedback for them?


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Can't answer for the service engineers you mentioned, but to get to the service menu:

Turn bass up to maximum
Turn treble down to minimum
Press -V on the front panel of the tv whilst simultaneously pressing Index on the remote.

You'll now be in the 1st of the 2 service menus, which focusses mainly on geometry and picture placement. I'm afraid I can't remember how to get into the second :rolleyes:

Use red and green to move backwards and forwards through the options, yellow and blue to change the values.

Any changes you make won't be saved until you hit the STR button under the flap on the remote.

Press N on the remote to exit the menu. goes without saying to be careful - most of the settings in this menu are pretty basic ones, but with the tv misbehaving as it is i wouldn't change anything just in case it makes it worse!!

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