Panasonic TX-36PL30

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    I know,there is a lot of threads here that are marked with this issue.
    I saw this telly at a store and my first impression was ok to me.I don't bring any demo or test material with me so i trust on my eye.The Telly ws good.Ik kept in mind that evry telly had his own problems.
    I have read and search this forum on this telly a long time ago and there are some problems here with this set.
    First.When playing NTSC source,a sort of moire is vissible.
    My question is, can anyone show a picture of his own telly how it's look like?
    I have read that there is some problems with this set.It appears to be showing drk bands on echt side of the screen.Can anyone show me a picture of that too?
    One thing i didn't find is the geometry and the convergence.How about that?Is the geometrie and convergence goed or are there bends vissible?

    How about the noise when switching to an External input (Scart 1, 2 or 3).How does it look like?

    And what is aan Halo Effect?

    And the service menu.How can i come in the service menu?
    Set the bass to max en de trebble to min en press on the RC the index button and press the minus button on the telly at the same time and then press the menu button?
    What can i find in the service menu ?More than only geometry and color preproduction?Has it the same features like the Philips 9525?

    Regards Ruwan Claessen
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    My Panasonic I have at the moment (32PL10) has the moire effect (on every source, not only on NTSC) and the lines down the side if the screen.

    Unfortunately, I've tried capturing these with my camera for proof but I've had no luck.

    As for the geometry, it's pretty much spot on. There's a very slight bend in the bottom right corner...


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    Thnk you very much.
    But you cn acces the panny it's service menu by the following procedure:
    Turn bass @ max - turn trebble @ min - Press on index button on RC and de minus mark on the front of tv - then press menu button.

    If this is correct,you can change the geometry.

    Another question:
    How about DDM.I have heard it's the same as philips it's DNM.Does DDM preform equal or better than Philips it's DNM?Read artefacts-less?
    I switch the telly to Advanced PS.Wich is fed by a PAL signal.
    I saw no scan lines etc.The whole picture look stuning to me.
    But what do you think about Pansonic's Advanced PS?Okay it has no 3:2 pull down or something like that but is it technicaly good and will it go for a couple of years?

    Regard Ruwan

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