Panasonic TX-32PS12C



In December I got a Toshiba 28ZD26 which made an annoying buzzing noise and the side of the screen was broken. I then got a Panasonic 28PS12 which buzzed and has a light line down the centre of the screen that was visible 25% of the time and was really annoying, I then got another 28PS12 which also buzzed and had a line down the screen.

So as the tv above was meant to be for the bedroom, I decided that if all 100Hz sets buzzed then I would get a 32 inch for downstairs and move the non buzzing Panasonic 28 PK1 upstairs.

The tv I got for downstairs was a 32PS12, I am happy to report that the tv does not buzz, and does not have a line down the center of the screen, it does have a few dark lines as if the inside of the screen is dirty but my 28PK1 has this as well. In my opinion it is the best 32 inch tv I have seen within my budget (which I had to stretch to £660 for this tv), The picture is fantastic 99% of the time and on the odd ocasion that i can see the lines it doesn't bother me, after going through 3 tvs before it believe me its a fantastic tv.

I bought it from for £660 including delivery, I ordered it on a friday and as they had a van in the area on the Saturday I got it the next day. (Their delivery times will depend on when they have a van in the area) The box had been opened when I got the tv but this they explained is because it would be a wasted trip to send a damaged set so they open the box before the bring the set out, it was obviously a new set when the delivery men got it out of the box anyhow (they unbox it for your inspection before they leave but do not set it up for you as building the stand can take an hour)

Ooh yeah I have not experienced digital artifacts and noticed nothing amis when the football has been on. I have the set on 100Hz all the time with the contrast on about 40% and the brightness on about 52% (I set it up with avo for my room)




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I have the 28 inch version of this TV.

I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I dont have the vertical bar which a few people have had but there is a bit of dirt on my picture which seems to go after the tv has been on 15mins. It is hard to see unless the screen is all black or all grey anyway. I only noticed it because the dvd player background changed to grey.

The picture through RF is a little soft but through Scart it is fantastic and very sharp, clear and bright!

I have seen the 32" job aswell and it is the same TV just a few inchex bigger.

Personally I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

My settings for brightness/contrast are nothing like yours kahless though ???


p.s. How do you "turn on" 100hz on these TV's?
Also do you know how to access the engineer/service menu?

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