Panasonic TX-32PH40 owners please look in


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This tv is taking my interest Panasonic TX-32PH40 aswell as a Sony KV32FQ80. I really need to decide which one I should go for. I find them both damn nice but performance is what I want.

What the latest comments on this tv then please


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very pleased with my ph40. Had it for about 3 months now. Only downside is pic quality thru rf analogue so watch digital via rgb input which is top dog IMHO. Of the 4 reviews i read on this set 2 rated it really well and 2 did not! helpful or what!! :confused: take a dvd and watch em side by side if you can


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Thanks for your comments.

I should think RF can be effected by a bad transmitter also how weel your ariel is set up etc. Then again i could be wrong. I have Sky Digital in which I use all the time hardly use standard tv these days.

I hope to get a few more reviews in then I will make another trip with one of my dvd's and see if I can test them.


Cant speak about the Sony but the Panny is a good set, had it 3 months now and overall impressed.
Run through a RF lead in a strong signal area and the pic was good, now moved onto free DTT box via RGB and better still.
The panny is not that good at sports IMHO, football long-pan shots suffer from colour bleed although less so on a smaller screen setting ( 4;3 or 14;9 ), the recent cricket highlights just look pants - very blocky and artificial or is that just the quality of the Sky signal ?

OVERALL, TX32PH40 has useful features, good connections inc the component in socket and is very user friendly esp the remote.
As ever, its down to your gut reaction which you like, whatever you get though,there is always a better set out there !!



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Thanks for another helpfull comment. I be using sky digital mind yah but for RF I am also in a very good reception as the mask is not that far i can see it out of our window on the hills LOL.

Have you tried turning the flicker off on the panny when football is on or when the picture is effected? As I believe the panny got a option to turn the flicker free off well when i looked at one there was.


Three anti flicker modes available, off - on - DDM which should be the best pic smoother but not always so though that does work very well for smoothing PS2 games !
Combinations of these and the 3 scan modes usually gives a satisfactory or better picture, effectively tweaking the settings to source.
Nice to have the flexibilty to do so.
As said before, colours good: normal - close ups very lifelike and crisp, clear sound from the internal speakers.


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