Panasonic TX-32PB50 or Panasonic TX-32PH40


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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi there i've made a couple of post's on fourms and read alot of info and now i'm down to these two tv's that i hope will suit my needs.I already have a mp and speakers so sound isn't a big issue but anything thats with the tv so be it.My main thing is picture quailty.The two tv's i'm very intrested in

They are :-
Panasonic TX-32PB50


Panasonic TX-32PH40

I'm really not sure sure on either one at the moment both look very good and have good reviews.Was just wondering what anyone here may think about themand why they would go for one or the other.Or could i do better with another make and model sony maybe?
Hello mate. I own a Panasonic 36" (older model, pf10) and Its been excellent. Personally I will continue to buy Panasonic. What sets them apart is the ergonomics. Their operating system is in my opinion by far the easiest. (I've used every TV I will mention bar the ph40 and fq80). Their remotes are very well laid out and they are aesthetically pleasing. Overall very easy to live with. out of the two you mention I would go with the ph40. I think it looks great but more importantly it has component inputs that support Progressive scan for PAL and NTSC. Again if this is all new to you do a search. I think the market for Pal Progressive players is about to explode and its nice to know your TV is gonna last you a while. The PB50 does Progressive scan also but the processing in the tv is inferior to that of a dvd. It cannot accept a progressive signal from a dvd, but the ph40 can. Other models you may consider are the Toshiba 32zd26, Philips 32pw9617 and posibly the new Sony 32fq80. To be honest every TV has its fair share of problems. Doing a search will probably reveal threads where there have been issues with each of these TV's except the fq80 and ph40 as they are very recent. The older sony 32fq75 has probably had the most issues and the Sony thread sticks out like a saw thumb. My second choice would be the Toshiba. Again it does NTSC progressive (not PAL) and looks good. Overall a very nice picture. The philips Pixel Plus sets are extremely sharp but I sometimes think it can look artificial and a bit unnatural. In my opinion (and others will probably differ) I would stick with the PH40. Not so sure about Techtronics. The price is good but they don't normally get good feedback from their service. I would rather spend £100 more and buy from somewhere like Empire Direct, who usually get a very good response (I've never used either). Even better, get John Lewis to price match Empire and get it with the 5yr guarantee! Hope this helps.
I also own a panny tv (the 32pf10) and would buy them again.

If I didn't already have quite new TV, for the money I would buy the new ph40 as the ability of getting a CRT TV with component inputs and PAL/NTSC prog scan capable is brilliant. Most people buys plasmas to get these features...and having both on one tv is very RARE on a CRT TV.

These may not be important to you now, but as you move on into AV and want the very best picture from DVD (assuming your DVD will have component outputs with prog scan!!!) you will be glad you have them....especially when DVD players start doing PAL prog scan legally.

I think there is a very good Tosh around at the mo as well, but it will not do PAL prog scan which will limit you to only getting the best picture from Region 1 NTSC DVD (i.e. US DVDs)

HTH ;-)


P.S. Forget the PB50, go for the PH40!!!!

Ive had a PH40 for about 2 weeks now, quite pleased with it, see my comments on about page 3/4 of this forum under tx32ph40. I watched Star Wars the other day via ex ITV digital Pace box output RGB.. I thought picture was outstanding...also my gamecube with 60hz pal output with certain games looks good as tv switches to prog scan

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