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PANASONIC TX-28PB50 image squashed/compressed on right hand side

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by such_great_heig, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. such_great_heig


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    I have recently purchased a Panasonic TX-28PB50 widescreen tv, and have noticed that after the tv is switched on, the right hand side of the screen seems faulty. After a few minutes, the picture appears to warm up and move right to fully fill the screen, but it appears that the right hand side is squashed, and images are distorted. For example, when the tv picture scans horizontally (such as when watching a football match), the picture is compressed, but only for around 3cm of the right side of the image, from top to bottom.

    Does anybody know if the problem is repairable, or if there is a way of me fixing it myself?

  2. pxmm

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    Mar 11, 2005
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    Warrington, UK
    I bought a Panasonic 28pm11 from Comet a couple of months ago and it suffered a similar problem, namely the top and bottom of the picture looked squashed vertically while the centre was stretched vertically. Also, the left side of the picture was squashed horizontally while the right side was stretched horizontally.

    As you can imagine this looked ridiculous so, after some research on these forums I tried to fix the problem in the Service Menu (see here ) I found the V-Lin and V-Sym settings which sorted out the picture vertically, but not a horizontal equivalent like H-Lin or H-Sym, which would have sorted out the problem completely and I suspect the same would be true for you.

    Realising it could not be fixed I got a Comet engineer out and he spouted rubbish about not being able to see the problem until I showed him a test card and he sort of gave in but said Panasonic would say the TV was within spec and that it was only a "budget TV", implying I should put up with whatever rubbish Panasonic deem fit to produce. In the end I got a refund and have held off buying another TV after reading around these forums since it seems that manufacturers want people to pay the rip-off prices for LCDs and Plasmas and don't make sure the CRTs they produce are of good build and setup quality.

    So, in the end, I would advise a look into the service menu after reading the instructions and warnings carefully (especially noting down the original settings before changing anything) and check to see whether your TV has the requisite values to adjust.

    Hope I've been of help.

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