Panasonic TX-26LXD52 beeps in standby


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On two occasions in the last week our TX-26LXD52 has let out five loud beeps when in standby mode (in the middle of the night!).

It is a single long beep followed by four short ones, the first time we thought it was the smoke detector.

I presume this is some kind of error signal. Before I start calling Panasonic has anyone else experienced this?

The set is working perfectly in all other respects.




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Never ever heard any Panasonic emit a bleep of any sort (and we see a fair few for various issues).

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure its the set ? The unit would need to actually be on and running to get any sound from the speakers. There is no beeper or sounder in this set that could operate when the set is in standby.

Check again - I'm confident you've made a mistake.


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That is a question I have asked myself!

The first time it happened we thought it was a smoke alarm but in hindsight it was not loud enough (our three year old didn'd wake...).

The second time I noticed that the power/remote led on the was blinking rapidly as I sat up in bed as the sound went off.

Both occurrences were 2-3AM and you know how alert you are at that time when you are fast asleep and have just been woken up? It was hard to pinpoint the sound but I am 95%+ certain it was the TV.

We'll just have to wait and see if it happens again.

Thanks for your post by the way!

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