Panasonic Tv's which recieve an NTSC signal

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    :lease: I would like every Panasonic Tv owner possible that has a dvd player connected to it, that receives an NTSC signal of any origin (R1,R2,R3 ect) to put a post here stating the following:-
    1. what model is it ?
    2. what dvd player is connected to it ?
    3. what connections do you use ?
    4. are you having any issues with NTSC playback or is it totally fine ?
    5. in the instruction manual, does it state you can obtain NTSC playback ?
    6. if no to question 6, what does it state in the specification section ?
    I'm in desperate need of as much help as possible here ! it's a long story but my Tv has a horrible fault with NTSC playback, that i'm told is not a fault only 6 people i know have Panasonic sets that do not have a problem with NTSC signals even when my equipment is connected to them.
    All help would be appreciated.
    Set up: Panasonic TX-PD50, Pioneer 575A, Pioneer VSX-2024I, Toshiba RD-30XS, Mordaunt Premier AV Surround Kit 6.1, speaker wire monster THX & various IXOS component/s-video leads.

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