Panasonic Tv Won’t Turn Off

Randy Watson

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My 6/7 year Panasonic ZT60 won’t turn off with the manual power button on the side , I always turn everything off at night.The button feels loose and shakey .Will Panasonic come out and fix this at a cost? Obviously my warranty is long gone.Anyone know how much this sort of thing costs and if they will have to take it away?


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I never used the power button on my Panasonic plasma for exactly that reason - I tend to keep TVs for a long time and figured that if I did use it regularly, then it would eventually fail. I used to put it into standby during the day and turn it off at the wall overnight.

Even though turning gadgets off properly is the 'right thing to do', the cost of getting it fixed plus the risk of it getting scratched or damaged during that process might make you want to reconsider on this occasion.

Personally, I would start using standby sooner rather than later - if the button fails completely, then you risk ending up with a TV that you can't turn on at all.

Randy Watson

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Yeah I know I just have always turned the tv off with the main power button at night then turned it off at the wall.If Panasonic can fix it at my house I wouldn’t be that bothered as I would be there, I’d have the tv flat on a bed to protect the screen or something .Also I would take the opportunity to ask them to install the free foam pad fix under the fans to reduce the fan noise.The noise from my fans isn’t that bad but if they have the back off fixing the power button they may aswell do it.

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