Panasonic TV with klipsch soundbar


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Hi all,

I'm trying to get the above two working together (Panasonic th55-jz1 and klipsch cinema 400), have had some success but not quite behaving properly.

The two options we've tried are the ARC HDMI port on the Panasonic TV to the soundbar, the issue with this is when the TV is powered on the soundbar seems to be wanting to intervene on the input select, or power, I'm not sure. In any case the screen keeps going black, and HDMI input status shows in the top left of the screen again (as if you'd pressed a button on the remote). Then picture returns, sound comes on, cracks, screen goes black, cycles again, HDMI input status, screen on sound on, sometimes this happens continuously, sometimes it settles after 3-4 cycles and is happy until next time it is powered on.

We did away with the HDMI connection and tried the optic however have had issues programming the remote to the soundbar. You are supposed to be able to program the soundbar to respond to the tv remotes vol up, down, and mute buttons. So I have got this working fine, I can turn volume up and down with the TV remote, until I turn the TV on, then the soundbar is deaf to the tv remotes inputs. Which I find bizarre, I always thought tv remotes just threw an infrared light and couldn't see how the tv being on or off would affect this but obviously they interact somehow.

So, neither options are perfect. Would like to be able to turn tv on and control volume with the TV remote, whichever connection we end up using.

Thanks in advance of course!


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Have you set your TV to use the ARC connectio? If both devices support ARC, then if configured correctly, it should work.

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