panasonic tv tx32dk1 ghost image thru scart

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by joecool, May 13, 2002.

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    Had delivered last wednesday(8/05/02) from currys a panasonic tx32dk1 tv. The same evening rang their helpline with a problem with the tv. The problem was when viewing anything connected to the scart socket(i.e digibox, ps2, etc) whether rgb or composite, after selecting av input the tv channel i was on before i switched could be seen faintly moving across the screen. A mastercare engineer came today monday(13/05/02) and said it was a quirk of the tv and within panasonic specifcation (and also said other customers had also called out for the same problem). His cure was to select a tv channel without a signal and then switch to the av channel, the channel he selected was just a snowy picture, but when he switched to av mode there was excessive picture noise caused by the snowy picture! He said he could not see it but i bloody could. Went back to store to replace with a different tv but it took half an hour before they would give me a different model. i have chosen the phillips 32inch 6006c which will be here thursday(16/05/02). Please be aware of this problem! P.S here is one customer who will not purchase anything else form currys!!!!! P.P.S will reply and tell you how the phillips tv is.

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