Panasonic TV Launch Event, Speaker Placement Tips, Cyrus i7 XR Review & Movie News + Reviews

Phil Hinton

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This week we discuss the Panasonic OLED and LED TV announcements with the brighter Custom Professional OLED Panel now available in a lower model in the range, new OLED sets and new LCD LED TVs now with Filmmaker Mode. Plus, Ed reviews the Cyrus i7 XR Integrated Amplifier and we discuss speaker placement in your room and what the best results will be. Finally, Cas and Tom will round-up the film and TV Show news and reviews.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:27 - Welcome
00:03:00 - Competitions
00:07:21 - Panasonic 2021 TV launch
00:20:28 - LG OLED R 65" rollable TV available for £99,999
00:24:40 - Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amplifier review
00:30:00 - Home Cinema speaker placement discussion
00:47:39 - Hi-Fi stereo speaker placement discussion
01:01:18 - What's coming soon from AVForums
01:04:30 - Ed's album of the week
01:06:20 - Movie news. Wrath of Man
01:11:20 - Godzilla vs Kong
01:15:45 - More movie news
01:23:42 - Donnie Darko and Battle Royale 4K discs coming
01:29:15 - TV Shows of the month
01:43:48 - Podcast competition

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Cas Harlow, Tom Davies and Ed Selley

These links will be live following the live stream on Wednesday evening at 7pm.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the show, good to see Panasonic listening to the customers, although last year I remember them saying “the flagship OLED with the soundbar sells perfectly well, why would we make a cheaper one and undercut ourselves???”.

Pedantry Corner: It’s Jason STAYtham and John SEEna. I realise we often only see these things written down, but now you know.


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Excellent podcast guys. I'd love to see Ed smash 100 oleds :rotfl: Perhabs Netflix could do a documentary? 🤔


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Interesting comments on F1, and that Bond Lotus. It's a lot more exciting watching F1 live in 4K, when you don't know what is happening next ! As for that Esprit: they should have demonstrated it's cornering abilities on a twisty dry road. It would have blown the Aston Martin and all the others away. ( I know - I had one. )

Jessica Noir

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Speaking of the straight to video careers of the like of Travolta and Cage, this article really explains how they have ended up there.

Toon Army

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Excellent gents and enjoy your break/school holidays.

Will Ed's quote that " I won't be in the best disposition " next Wednesday also apply the following week when the pubs have opened?

One key aspect missed in the speaker placement debate - The views of SWMBO!

Best probing question of the podcast - " What's with the talking shark? "
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Speaking of speaker placement when your couch is against the wall, would it be worth it to have speakers behind you if they were In-Walls? Or would they still be too close?

In a future podcast it would be good if you could explain the advantages of Tripoles/Dipoles/Bipoles and their specific use cases.

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