Panasonic TV Guide Now and Next program only


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My Freeview Plus guide only has Now and Next program listing now.
It vanished recently.
I have talked to Panasonic. Tried various things with them.
Shipping Condition
Cold Retune
Software reversal using SD card
Nothing improved it.
Panasonic says Freeview have changed the transmission of Guide.
I contacted Freeview they say Panasonic are incorrect and transmission of guide remains the same.
Freeview says they are only getting reports that only Panasonic TVs are having the issue.
Panasonic told me that some Panasonic TV`s between 2010 1nd 2013 may be affected.
Panasonic say that as long as your TV works there is no issue.


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Sad. But it's 2018, I fully expect Panasonic to make zero effort to fix an issue on TVs between five and 8 years old.


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Yes, i am having the same problems, tried all of the Panasonic recommended cures, all worked for approx 4 days at a time. T.V. is TX-P50ST50B purchased 2013. As i use my T.V. to 'time shift' with a recorder this Freeview 'drop-out' is very annoying. Are we being dumped by Panasonic because T.V. is "old" ?


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I know this is an old thread but someone might just come across it as I did.
Shortly after a Freeview channel reorganisation in the N.W. England region (Winter Hill) in Oct. 2019 my Panasonic TX-P42ST31B television stopped updating its program listings and now will only display Now & Next .
It uses GUIDE Plus Version 1.09.
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