Panasonic tv/dvd/cable set-up an idiot?



I have a Panasonic TH-37PV500B Plasma; a Panasonic DMR-EH60DEB DVD recorder (both with Freeview); Telewest Cable tv receiver and my kids use a PS2.

Can someone please tell me the best way to wire it together for optimum picture quality and also enabling my dvd recorder to make recordings from Cable tv, as I can't seem to make this work easily with the various wiring configurations that I have tried to date?

I apologise if the info I am looking for is on the "PV500 and General Plasma FAQ - please read before posting" post, but I have searched and cannot find anything as idiot-proof as I need it. Will post hepful replies on that thread.

many thanks in advance for any advice,


I am not an expert but can only share my experience based on recent purchase of a Panasonic PE42 with an EH 50 DVD recorder. The TV has Freeview; the recorder doesnt.

As the recorder will not be my principle DVD player I have connected it via scart to AV 2 on the TV. The TV manual is specific as to which AV is suitable for Q Link which seems to enable DVD recorder and TV to talk to each other. I was pleasantly suprised that when I used video plus to program a recording it recorded from the digital tuner rather than analogue. Given your recorder has freeview that shouldnt be an issue for you.

Component connection would possibly give a better picture but I dont think that Q Link works via component.

My Telewest box is also connected via scart to the TV. As I also have an all in one (DVD/5.1 surround system) it may be better connected to that - I havent tried it yet.

I dont know anything about games consoles but would assume PS2 would connect via scart also.

Not sure if any of the above helps.


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