Panasonic TV – screen collapses to single line

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I have a Panasonic TV, about 15-20 years old, which works great except that the screen, after being on for a while, occasionally collapses to a very bright line across the center, showing all colors as if the video is all there in that one line. If I cycle power, it goes back to normal. Sometimes it goes back on its own after a few seconds. Does this mean it’s nearing its end of life? Is there anything I can do to improve it (I’m not going to open it up)? We watch DVDs mostly, but it seems to happen regardless of source, maybe once or twice in several hours of being on.


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Yes, it's at the end of it's life but I would say you've had your money's worth out of it.


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I assume this is a CRT as opposed to a flat panel? That was a fairly common fault back in the day, usually the LOPT (line output transformer) that prevented the yolk around the neck of the tube performing vertical movement of the electron beam, so the whole picture was effectively condensed in to a single line. The fact that it’s intermittent suggests a dry joint rather than a faulty component. Could be a very easy fix for someone who knows what they’re doing.

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