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Can you run pal prog through the new slimline Panasonic tuner?
Also if you use the tuner does that mean you only have one cable or do you still need the power cable aswell (am I being really thick here?)

The tuner interests me as a connection device/analogue teletext.

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The TU-PT600B is PAL progressive compatible. Unlike the 300 it does no processing, signals are passed straight through to the plasma.

You end up with one signal cable from the tuner to the plasma and a power cable (from mains, not the tuner) to the plasma.

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Don't forget the new slimline tuner is no good on the 5 series panny's if you want to use a PC with the panel as it disables the VGA port. This is what ruled out the Panny from my future purchase considerations.




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I knew about the connecting a PC problem but I don't have a PC at home (8 hrs a day at work is enough) plus I read that diconnecting the tuner cable would enable the PC to be connected anyway??

My next question is can the tuner board/tuner be connected to the PWD5 (Black one) as I prefer to have a black bezel.

Also are my maths correct:
The tuner/tuner board costs about 400 quid.
Dr Sims VGA box plus cables 200 quid.

So you pay an extra 200 quid for a single cable for further eqiupment/analogue teletext/ease of use but maybe a slight degradation in picture quality - sounds fair??

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To enable PC VGA input, you simply unplug the Tuner box from the cable to screen (with the power off of course). Not the most elegant solution, but it works a treat.

Yes the tuner box can be connected to the black model, and Panasonic do the tuner boxes in black too (although very rare and hard to get hold of and much more expensive).

There is no degredation in picture quality.

Check out this thread
Panasonic TH52 PW5B - tuner myth?

I guess the cost/benefit case is how many converter cables one has to buy versus single box. Simple really.

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