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Panasonic TUCT30 vs Panasonic TUCT41 at Richersounds.com

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by alex69, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. alex69

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    Apr 26, 2005
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    Finally :rolleyes: need to get a freeview box to connect to a Samsung 32" LCD:thumbsup: .

    I'm rather clueless as to whether I should invest any money in this or not. I've read some posts but people seem to disagree. Given the telly, it needs at minimum scart output and it'd be good to have composite - and even better if I could send the sound to the amps.

    Any recommendations given the above?

    Bearing this in mind I went to richersounds.com where they have two Panny as in the subject. The 41 is the new one and goes at 60pounds and seems to fit the bill (but I can find no review online), the 30 is also at 60 pounds in the bargain sections, it gets top marks in some magazines, but I guess it's the old model.

    any advice on these two or anything else? :lease:

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