Panasonic TU-DSB30


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Have the above Sky box I would like to connect to my amp via optical for 5.1 sound on Sky. However looking at the back it seems there is no optical out which I was sure there was one. There is a digital interface cover, but not took it off yet, does anyone who has this box know whats under that?

Does this sky box have a optical out? Or do i need to get anoher sky box to enjoy digital sound from Sky?




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I have this box and you cannot connect it to an amp using an optical out, there are 2 old sony digiboxes with an optical out the VTX S760U and the VTX-S750U, but you cannot get 5.1 through them as the box does not have the hardware to process 5.1. You will get stereo and maybe Dolby Surround but not true 5.1

The only way to get 5.1 through a Sky box is to get Sky+. The boxes have an optical out and Sky show some of their movies in 5.1. Sounds pretty good too. :thumbsup:


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srobbo's right, the best you can do is to use the phono connections and dolby pro-logic on the amp


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Thanks guys, am thinking about getting Sky+ soon, but will have to wait to afford the £150 for the box. Just forked out for this new home theatre/dvd recorder.

Cheers again


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